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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Freaky Friday

So what if it was on a Wednesday?

I had one of those bizarre
out of body experiences
on Wednesday.

I think of them as Freaky Friday episodes.

The one where my daughter is acting
like I remember being and
I suddenly realize I am playing the part of

Yesterday evening,
I was driving Kate to drama practice.

She was in a twelve year old
pre adolescent tween funk.

No, don't worry about the fact
that the boys and I are all in the car
driving HER to drama practice.

We are on time, we will get there on time
in part because I just drop kicked my friend
out the door with her son instead of chatting
because I could sense Kate rising toward hysteria.

Okay, so we are in the car,
driving along
and I am trying to make conversation.

It dawns on me rather quickly
that the responses I am getting are
frosty monosyllabic utterances,
squeezed out between locked jaws
and gritted teeth.

I look over at the fruit of my loins,
the result of 25 hours of labor,
three hours of pushing,
and a C-Section.

She is sitting in the front seat.
Her body, from the waist down, faces forward.
Her upper body is contorted to be fully facing the window,
clearly positioned to be far away from that offensive being
driving the car.
Her shoulders are ramrod straight
and I am not sure she is breathing but I'm afraid to check.

She might bite me.

What the hell.
I mean really,
What. The. Hell.

I am in trouble for what?

for driving my kid to drama practice?
for getting her there on time?

I'd like to say I handled this well.

After all, I clearly remember sitting like that,
staring out the window,
SEETHING with rage.

Thinking to myself:

Instead, as a parent, I freaked out
and lost my temper.

Oh yeah, Leeann, good start.
Only how many more years of this to go
and you are already crumbling
like a stale animal cookie??

Gird up,
She is stubborn and strong

But hey,

I dished it out.
And payback is HELL, baby.


Mother said...

Well,there you go sweetie!! What goes around comes around. Just keep that in mind as you go through it. She'll have hers eventually too. I remember calling My Mother and asking HER how she got through the teen age years with ME and she assured me I would get through it and everything would be ok and it was. So I'm telling you the same thing....Just "hand in there". She'll love you again eventually!! LOL
You own Mother
PS..That's a real shock to the system when you see your Mother in yourself, isn't it?? YIKES!!!

Mother said...

Forgot to tell you that I love the picture with the flowers in the background.
And I meant "hang in there", not hand in there. That's what happens when you're tired and pass on previewing...