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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sleepovers and a Geek Flag

I know that it isn't often that parents celebrate geekiness in their children.
Heck, it isn't even something that people want to think about their kids, much less discuss.
But when your child is on the verge of teendom,
(is that even a word?
Well, it is today.)
a dose of geekiness is a good and welcome thing.

My daughter is having her twelfth birthday sleepover tonight
and her guest is her best friend Clarissa.
They are letting their geek flags fly high tonight
and I am loving it.

I love that these girls are young and innocent in their hearts and spirits.

I love that my daughter's big wish was to get money for Build A Bear.
I love that her friend was equally excited.
I love that they built matching bears, in blue and pink.

I love that my daughter had spending money and instead of buying skanky clothes, she bought a pair of jelly sandals that are too wide but make her happy.

I love that the girls came home and watched a movie.
I love that they chose between movies like Quest for Camelot and It Takes Two, of their own volition.

I love that my daughter used the disposable camera she got with a Bratz doll to take an entire camera's worth of pictures of their bears, with her friend Clarissa, to tell a movie story.

I love that for my daughter's birthday gift, her best friend Clarissa made her a little tiny bear, with a little tiny shirt that has my daughter's name on it.

I love that she handmade a little tiny wooden bed for the bear
and handstitched a little tiny quilt for the bear's bed.

I know that this is a special year.
Next year, there will be far more signs of teenagerhood
than I see right now.

I hope that no matter what her age,
she always has a friend that she can be herself with,
not try to impress,
and let her Geek Flag fly high.

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MOM said...

I really love what you said about Katie in your blog today. I like that you are celebrating Katie being Katie with no illusions, just the truth from a mother's viewpoint. I hope Katie will always be true to herself and she has the support of her family and grandparents to help her through the rough patches with love.