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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heart of Gold

Rob and I watched
"American Idol Gives Back" last night
and we were greatly moved
by the many stories that were presented
of people in poverty, in need.

Around the dinner table tonight
we discussed what we had seen with the kids.

Later that evening, Rob decided to show
a portion of the show to the kids.

Rob reports that our children responded
in keeping with their personalities:

Kate went to another room to read,
because she had wanted to watch
Hannah Montana.

Trey partially watched
while climbing about on his father's
back and shoulders, giggling.

Chris watched
and began to sob.

He felt so sad for the children who
didn't have mommies or daddies.

Rob explained to him that we had
donated some money last night
to assist the charities in providing
help and care for those in need.

Chris, still crushed and saddened,
still sobbing,
came upstairs
and shortly thereafter,
presented us with this:

That child has a shining heart of gold.

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MOM said...

Ok, you're driving me to tears and I'm not even there Well, it looks like the Auntee who cried and your Mother(the crier) are alive and well in Chris. Poor baby, he'll have to get a harder shell and he'll always have a soft spot. On second thought he probably won't ever get a harder shell, but he'll make someone very happy with his love and great compassion. He is and always has been a very special child.Just love him and enjoy him.I plan to.
Love all of you and especially my grandchildren.