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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring in the Mid Atlantic

A typical Spring day
in the Mid Atlantic:

Two boys playing pirate
on a hammock in the backyard:

Man overboard!:

Another man overboard!:

Boots, covered in mud,
from explorations at the creek:

And an abandoned baseball glove
on the front mat.

this is a magical
baseball glove.

The front doorbell rang
this afternoon
and it appeared no one
was there.
Thinking that Trey was
playing a trick,
I opened it slightly,
left it ajar
and hid,
ready to scare the
crap out of him
(we are a sick family
that way)
but after waiting him out
awhile, I realized
he wasn't coming.
I went and opened the door
wider and found the glove
on the front doormat
all alone.

Later on,
when he was inside,
I asked him if he left
the glove on the doorstep.
He said yes.
I asked him if he rang the bell
and he paused and said
"The glove did it...
It's a hand, after all!"

Touche', kid.
You're too clever for your
own good.

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