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Friday, March 23, 2007

Say Cheese!

After a couple of days
of feeling whiny
and under the weather,
I decided that it was time
to pull myself up by
the proverbial boot straps
and do something fun.

So yesterday I took the kids
straight from school to get ice cream.
You know it is Spring when the outdoor
ice cream stand opens and you stand
40 minutes outside for frozen custard
and Italian ices.
Neighbors greeting neighbors
kids running around
and the bees still dormant-
one of the best parts of early spring!

After ice cream, Trey and I took Chris
to batting practice.
Trey is quite into it this time,
wanting to swing a bat,
wear a batting helmet etc.
We may be looking at T-ball for him
come fall.

After that, the kids and I went out to dinner
and then we took a walk
with Gracie (the Sherpa)
out in the rain.

Today the kids had no school.
We went to the mall,
enjoyed being
"ladies and gentlemen who luncheon"
at Nordstrom Cafe
and then the kids had their
portraits made.

It had been quite some time
since this had been done
and I knew that this would be
Kate's last formal portrait
as a girl.
The next one she takes
she will be a young woman.
I had photos taken of all three-
individual and then group.

I nostalgically watched the moms
with the little babies:
wiping drooly chins
and working up a sweat
trying to get their babies to
and not cry.

Man, I do not miss that at all
but it was cute to see and remember.

Kate always had to have flower props
and fancy stuff
Chris was all about holding a ball
or some kind of sport equipment.

Trey was just freaked out in general.

This time they posed like
little professionals
in Child Vogue

but I look at them

1 comment:

MOM said...

I read that and I want to cry!! I'm sure you're right that this is the last picture of Katie as a girl and I remember "when" as well.I keep having to remind myself that they are just moving to another stage, but it's hard not to miss the "little things" of when they were little.
Hope the pictures were wonderful and you can add them to your "memories."