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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Not a Creature Was Stirring

It's nearly 11 PM
and the house is still.

This has become one of my favorite times
of the day.

The two dogs are tucked in downstairs
Nigel yelping in his puppy crate
at the indignity of his separation
and Gracie with a barely veiled
adolescent contempt
for his antics.

They are getting cute though
as they learn to play together.
You have not seen anything
until you see a ninety pound dog
play tug of war with an 11 pound puppy.
She is gentle with him
and gives him a chance.

I think she is just repaying him
for the barrage of treats she is now getting
as he learns to potty outside.

My husband is sleeping beside me
hard working man
goal setter
helped my son with his reading
and spelling,
gave a bath to the boys
while I helped my daughter with her
Helen Keller report.
There is nothing as beautiful to me
as a father's gentleness to his children

I am blessed.

Tomorrow night we go to see Spamalot
a gift I gave Rob for his birthday
last July
He is so excited!

The kids are all snoozing
in their beds
Good day at school
dinnered and loved.

There is no way to have earned
such fortune.


MOM said...

There is almost nothing cuter than sleeping babies except maybe my sleeping grandchildren..So precious and beautiful. Me, prejudiced? Nah!! Just a loving grandmother here.
And Nigel is so cute there. BUT he has a wonderful home now and is sleeping with a little boy all snuggled up to him. I am happy you found him such a good home. Everyone has recovered and best of all you...regaining your momentarily lost sanity! You made the right decision!!
Love you,

MOM said...

I just looked back at the pictures and noticed Katie's pink Mimi blanket on her bed. Awwwwww. Warmed the cockles of my heart! Kisses.