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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hold Fast

My heart has been heavy with worry the past few days.

I have a friend who has dropped out of contact the past two weeks.

The last time this happened, it came to light that she had,
in the process of trying to "save" her ex-boyfriend and father of her sons from drug use,
ended up succumbing to that very thing herself.

It was a frightening thing to hear about.

Her personal safety and health were greatly compromised
and her sons left without their mother's care.

She was horrified at what had occurred and determined that it must never happen again.

That was two weeks ago.

We have received no emails from her and her email box is now full.
I have called her home twice and will be calling again today.

M, if you are out there, you need to contact us.
This song is for you.

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Gina said...

That song was touching. I'm praying along with you. gina