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Sunday, February 4, 2007

40 and the Super Bowl

It's a par-tay weekend!

Last night Rob and I went to the 40th birthday party of my best friend's husband, Scott. They threw a great bash with blues, barbecue and brews! The highlight of the night was the premiere of Scott's band "Low Expectations." Scott played the guitar and sang and it was fantastic. The music was very good, but seeing someone have a dream, reach out and grab it was even better.

Props to you, Scott! You and your band rocked!

Tonight Rob and I are hosting our ChristCare group for a SuperBowl party. Everyone brings subs, purchased to fund the youth ministry at our church, and we provide drinks, appetizers and dessert. And a really big screen TV! It should be great fun and we are looking forward to seeing everyone here.

Getting ready for a party always causes some conflict between Rob and I though. We truly are products of our upbringing and when his family had people over, things had to be PERFECT. Rob will completely clear every surface, every table. By the time he is done it looks like no one lives here! Not only that, but he stuffs the things he is "straightening up" wherever he can find the room- any cabinet, drawer or closet.

Honestly, three months from now I will come across something that has been randomly stuffed in the most bizarre place!

In the meantime, have a great Super Bowl night!

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