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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A New Path

It is time for a new era.

After 11 years of being home with children and keeping VERY busy with volunteer work, playgroups, their activities and all that life with very young children brings,

I am submitting my first job application!

How strange it is to write, in the fields for teaching experience, dates that start at 1995 and work backwards.

There are plenty of things I want to say.

I held children for uncountable hours.
I cried with them and dried their tears.
I held little dimpled hands while tiny mouths nursed and long lashed eyes fluttered closed.
I put more miles on a glider rocker than many people put on their cars.
I learned to snap any kind of tiny outfit, in the dark, at 2 AM. One handed.
I was in playgroups and meetings with people who were less than three feet tall.
I had the job experience of a lifetime.

This doesn't even include the jobs of transportation, chef, counselor, teacher, doctor.

Should I write that some of this job drove me to a shrink? ;-)

So, I filled in my old jobs. I will talk about my volunteerism and what I have gained from it and how it can be applied to teaching today. I filled out forms for my references.

But there is no interview on earth that could be long enough for me to tell how my life has been changed by the better in those 11 years I have been gone.

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Richard Lewis said...

Your experience with rearing children, managing a household and putting up with a spouse makes you eminently qualified to do a number of things. In fact, I would submit that it makes you MORE qualified than many who have been professionally employed.

You have some great prose there, especially the sections with holding dimpled hands and the eyes of the newborns and toddlers.

And, lastly, you created your own blog. That's a real accomplishment! You have one dedicated reader already.