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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Every Mother Should Have Sons

While I love all my children, it has become my firm belief that each and every parent should have a child (at least one!) of the opposite gender in their home.
There is just something about it- little girls and their Dads, and Moms and their sons.

For example, tonight Rob, the boys and I went to see our county's production of Les Miserables. My kids have seen Les Mis a couple of times over and we know the storyline and songs well. I was between the boys and we were all armed with tissues.

I cry at various songs, some harder than others- "I Dreamed a Dream" gets me, Fontine's death just about does me in.
During both these songs, the boys grabbed my hand or wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

Chris' favorite song is "Stars" and Trey's favorite song is "A Little Drop of Rain" although it absolutely KILLS him every time.
When it is time for A Little Drop of Rain, I could feel Trey sobbing and sobbing beside me. This continued for quite a while.

A bit later, he leans over and whispers "It took me two songs to recover from that!"
"Me too, buddy" I whispered back, "I was doing the ugly cry."
"That's okay Mom" he leaned in and said quietly, "even when you do the ugly cry you're always beautiful to me."

That right there is why Moms having sons is the best thing ever in the whole world. :)

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