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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teenagers and Pride

Every now and again I want to brag my face off about my teens, and shout their praises to the hills.
At the same time, I don't want to be *that* obnoxious parent. So, I'm going to write about them today on my blog, but I'm choosing not to link to it on FB or anything.

Kids, I am so proud of you and the people that you are becoming.

Chris and Kate, I will direct this to you first. Both of you have done very well in school, both academically and in your chosen sports and activities. You are both kind and conscientious. Both of you have recently incurred a debt to your parents for lost retainers and you were both told you had to work off the debt. Neither of you whined or complained, not even once.

Kate, you in particular worked your ass off today, cleaning out the entire pool house and setting up all the pool furniture and cushions etc singlehandedly, a several hour job. You weren't even told to do this job, nor did you demand to be paid for it (although I did pay you for work very well done.) You have recently had to do work with a partner that has not done his fair share (not a sibling) and you have chosen to put your head down and do the work with grace and dignity.  You have shown a maturity and compassion toward your brothers since your return from school that deeply touches my heart and makes me cry when you aren't looking. You are an amazing young woman and I love you deeply.

Chris, you've been working really hard in school. While you don't like criticism still, you are learning to accept it with more grace. You are taking suggestions for improvement and acting on them and consequently you have seen your already good grades rise. I have watched with great pleasure as you have put in MANY hours of hard physical labor for Green Team (and also a bit for Rock and Fire) to earn money toward a mission trip to serve others. You are working so that you can go and serve others. What a concept.. in seeing you do this, I have been the student and you have been the teacher. I have been humbled by the lessons you have shown me this year on how to be a true servant of God. You continue to extend grace and understanding to your brother when he isn't always deserving of it. He doesn't appreciate it now- maybe he will in the future and maybe he won't. Either way, you bless him with your kind heart. I love you, young man.

Trey, you have been a shining star. You have worked at school to do well and make friends. You are learning to control your temper and moods, not an easy lesson I know. I see improvements each and every year. You are now responsible for mowing the front lawn and you do a really amazing job. Usually when kids start to do a job, there are all kinds of mistakes and you kind of have to redo it when they aren't looking. Not you. You are just nailing it each and every time. You even saw me rake up the grass trimmings once and immediately adopted it in to your own lawn routine without being asked.  Further, you are honest. You are so good at telling the truth about things. It is one of your best qualities. You got in the car the other day and said "Mom, I got a zero." You told me flat out. You knew you would lose a day of electronics this weekend but you told me. The reason you got a zero? You forgot your workbook at home. Even though you did the work, you didn't call me to bring it to school because you knew it was your responsibility, so you took that zero and you owned it. I am so proud of you. I love you, my baby. Thanks for letting me still call you my Baby!

You guys, I love you because you are my kids. I've loved you from the very second that I knew you existed. But I never dreamed that my love for you would continue to grow, to get deeper and wider than it already is, to depths that I could never have imagined. I didn't know that admiration I would develop for you as you become adults and that you would show me qualities I would like to develop in myself.

To parent each of you is such a privilege. Thank you so much.

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