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Saturday, August 11, 2012


How I love this time of year.

Tonight Rob and I went out to dinner a couple of miles up the road.
We are both low-carbing it right now (I'm two months in and he's been along for the ride about a week)
and so we decided to feast on some crab legs. They were utterly delicious!
Afterward, I really felt like I needed to walk off the MANY crab legs I ate so I ended up walking home.
The air was cool, humidity was low and the sun was setting during my sojourn home.
It was impossible not to feel contentment and awe as I watched the slow descent of the sun and reveled in the pinks and purples that announced its departure.
Now I am listening to the rain fall against my window in a drenching shower for the trees and flowers.
The next few weeks will see the temperatures waning mostly into the mid to upper 80s (a welcome change from our brutally hot summer) with evening temps in the mid sixties to upper fifties.
I adore Fall and it's cooler daytimes and chilly nights. :-)

Meanwhile, the kidlets had all gone to the mall, with Kate driving, to go to the Build a Bear store.
Just stay with me here for a minute..

Kate had made plans with a friend to go to the mall and hang out tonight, as well as visit the Build a Bear store together. The boys caught wind of this and commented about wishing they could go also. Next thing I knew she had made plans to take the boys with her.
We gave them money to buy dinner, they left around six PM and got back after 9.

Rob and I discussed this at dinner.
Rob, the eldest of three boys, was certain he would not have volunteered, at 17, to take his two younger brothers to the mall to hang out with him and his friend.
I didn't have any younger sibs but I can imagine that I probably wouldn't have either.

Although I am fairly certain there was some mild threatening going on regarding their behavior,
I was still really pleased that she included them and took them with her.

They may have just gone to build bears, but they are building so much more than that.

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