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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Round These Parts

It's been so long since I've updated my blog.  I'm going to just post a quick rundown of life around here, so I'll have it as a remembrance later on.

The school year wound down and we were all more than ready. 
The weather was warm, we had inadvertently opened the pool early 
and everyone in the house, including me, was completely over school.
I don't know how Kate even managed to stay focused for her exams when all the rest of us 
were acting like summer was already here in MAY!

The kids did beautifully in school this year. 
Kate really rocked it with a 4.2, 4.0, 4.2 and 4.2 for her Jr. year. 
Chris got straight A's all the way through, I believe,
and Trey did extremely well with As and Bs in above grade level classes.

We enjoyed a couple of weeks with an open schedule 
and fit in a two day trip to Hershey Park while the weather was still cool.
(and given how FREAKING HOT this summer is turning out to be, I am so glad we went when we did! Going in this heat would be a total nightmare. The high today is 108, not counting a heat index!)
We took along one of Kate's friends and rented a house in Intercourse, PA. 
Of course, being that the kids are kids and I am rather infantile, there were a lot of jokes made
on that two day trip. lol

I rode the new coaster at Hershey, SKYRUSH, and it was fantastic. Rode it twice, actually.
Rode a couple of others as well but mostly acted as a home base for the kids to return to.

Then, the kids all went their separate ways: the boys to a five day sleep away camp and Kate on a mission trip to Hurley, Va with our church. Rob was traveling in Chicago. 
So what does this mean? It means sweet freedom, honey!
That's right, I had the house all to myself!!
I admit, it was pretty fantastic. I enjoyed myself tremendously, except for when I watched a scary movie at night and frightened myself!

This past week had the boys at day camps to keep them active and busy. 
Chris's was a basketball camp at his school and they worked them HARD. 
With the exception of a short lunch break, these boys were playing basketball and doing conditioning
and drills for almost the whole five hour period.
On the last day Chris got to play with the high school kids so he was pretty pumped.

Trey's camp was about going on various adventures. He absolutely LOVED it.
He went fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tubing down a river and more!
He also did some sports and games etc. It was right up his alley and the boy was WORN OUT 
by the time he got home in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, Kate and I enjoyed some down time on our own
and she practiced parallel parking. She's got it down cold now.

We had a sudden, fast and dangerous storm move through this area a week ago yesterday.
It is called a Derecho. It caused a huge amount of destruction. Picture a bunch of mini tornodoes
just cropping up unexpectedly and out of the blue, with no time to prepare.
Our area lost power to over half a million people and there are some in our neighborhood 
who are on day 8 with no power. And with today's high of 108, it is just INSANE.
Help is being offered frequently to neighbors, but oddly no one accepts. 
What is with that? 

This upcoming week is a more laid back schedule.
Vacation Bible school from 9-12, with the two older kids serving as volunteers 
and Trey attending.
Afternoons we will have free for other activities or just to hang out.

So that's pretty much what's been going on around here. I've done some minor organizing
and I've been making some changes in my life that have taken some energy to learn about 
and implement.

And that's the report from the Heat Capital of North America!

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