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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Detention Nightmares

One of the things that I marvel at about my two older children is that they are natural born Rule Followers.

This was in evidence even when they were young.
If I told them not to do something, that was that.
Not to say for one moment that these are perfect kids or that their rule following tendencies don't sometimes get run over by their desire to have or do something, but for the most part, if a line is drawn in the sand, they are pretty respectful of that line.

Not everyone is born like this.
Not that I know this personally.

Anyway, I was driving the two olders to school today
and listening Kate and Chris complaining about two teachers at their school
who have gotten "Detention Happy."

There was a small gasp from Chris, in the backseat.
"They are giving out DETENTIONS for that?

"Yes!" responded Kate, "and it goes on your PERMANENT RECORD!"

Chris flops back in his seat, stunned.

I tried to cover my laughter with a cough, but Kate caught on.

"MOM! Getting a detention is a BIG deal! Remember that time I got a detention for walking around the halls of the school for play practice in ninth grade?"

I wracked my brain and found a vague memory of having to sign a slip from the Assistant Principal.

Kate went on, a vague note of hysteria in her voice:
"That freaked me out SO BAD! I had nightmares for more than a week about it! I dreamed that I was getting all these detentions and I couldn't go to college because I had all these detentions..!"

I looked over at her, my eyes wide and mouth agape. I had no idea that she had freaked out over the detention. I remember thinking it was a stupid detention in the first place!


madammommy said...

I realize this more and more, that the issues that kids worry about are so real in their lives, even it seems trivial to us!

Gina said...

Of all the things they could be worrying about... Thank your lucky stars and enjoy it!