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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year in Review, Part Three

Following the return to school, life continued on.

Snow fell and we enjoyed snow days and the break in the "must-do" schedule of life.

Trey inherited his brother's leather coat (after Chris got a new one for Christmas from his Nana)
and walked around our house looking like a 60's Greaser.

There were some new struggles and adaptations as we acknowledged the difficulties a child in our family was facing
and took the steps to begin to make things better.

In March, I went to go visit my sweet nephews in Rhode Island.
How lovely they are!

It was wonderful to hold those sweet, squirmy little bodies
and sneak in cuddles and sniffs of baby-head.
How long ago that seems!

Chris was in his school's play shortly upon my return.
It was "Cheaper By the Dozen" and the students did a marvelous job.

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