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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Year in Review, Part Four

One of the constants of the year has been that I've been a little neurotic.

This will surprise some people and others, who know me well, know that it is somewhat par for the course.

This year's neurotic worrying vacillated between our youngest and how he's been doing in school (he's doing great, btw!)
and focusing on Kate's college-
or rather, focusing on learning more about colleges and admittance and SATs and all those things
so that I can attempt to guide her (and us!) through the process.

To that end, we began visiting some colleges this year.

So far, we have visited:


Kate: "Mom, even the BUILDINGS look condescending here!"
Note to self: Do NOT take child to look at a college when students are not present!

Lynchburg College

(Thumbs down.)

James Madison

(Makes the list, so far.)

University of Mary Washington

(Surprisingly nice. Will possibly investigate further.)

Towson University
(Just an initial walk around. Need to do a tour/info session and spend some time talking to students.)

There are many visits left to go
and many, many more nights for me to lay in bed, worrying.


jen@odbt said...

Can't believe it's that time already! I'm sure a very exciting but nervous time for all.

Richard Lewis said...

Hey kiddo,
Don't wrap yourself into a ball worrying about this. You've prepared your daughter well to investigate different schools and make a smart decision. You should look at those college visits as some rare opportunities for a mother and daughter to enjoy their company.

Separately, I, too, loved your post about people yapping on cell phones. The usual manners and public decency simply don't apply when it comes to cell phone usage. At meetings, I see many of my colleagues playing with their phones while others are talking. I think that's plain rude. But then again, I don't have an iPhone!