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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Series of Random Thoughts

With my kids gone at school most of the time,
most of my blog fodder has dried up.
After all, there is only so much I can say about menu planning
and who really wants to hear about the boring, mundane,
day to day tasks of my life?

Right now, focus has been on getting this freaking gas line installed.
Honestly, if I worked a full time job, I would probably have been fired by now
for all the work time I would have missed.
Just this week, I have been here four days for inspector visits
and contractor fix-its.

The Apprentice:

I'm sitting here catching up on missed episodes while waiting for the inspector.
Can I just say that there is no way I would have survived in the Corporate world?
These people are just RUTHLESS and will turn on each other in a second
and rip their peers' jugular right out of their neck.

This is everything I DON'T like to see in people that I surround myself with.


I love the music on this show but really, I don't like how hard they are pushing every boundary imaginable.
What worries me is that there are probably plenty of boundaries
I haven't even imagined!
The free-for-all, emotionless "hook-ups", regardless of relationship, love or gender
is really starting to get on my nerves.
It's hard to balance letting your teen watch something that is popular
with something that is so utterly valueless.
Thus far she seems to be holding her own on understanding it is far-fetched and campy.

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