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Monday, October 11, 2010

Randomness and MPM

This is an emptying-of-my-head kind of blog post,
a total stream of consciousness.
You'll either like it or hate it but this is how it sounds inside my head.

Kate is taking the PSAT day after tomorrow.
This is so bizarre to me.
I remember taking the SAT (not so much the PSAT although I know I did)
and obviously, it has major repercussions regarding the next stages of her life.
I am well aware that colleges are much more competitive than they were when I went
and I have also been becoming sadly aware at the absolutely outrageous costs of a college education, particularly a private one.

When Kate was starting high school,
I starting talking to her a lot about college.
Serious conversations and did I say a lot? How about too much?
She made is abundantly clear that I needed to back off and back off I have.
In fact, I stepped back so much as to not say much of anything when the PSAT was coming around, even when I saw that the prep materials I had bought and made available hadn't been touched since June.

I hope she does well. Well enough to feel proud but not so well that she won't want to prep and kick it up a notch before it really counts.

So Trey came home today and was in TEARS.
This is not a frequent occurrence.
Long story short, he has been accused of something (relatively minor, IMO)
by the bus driver and was told he would be called to go to the principal tomorrow.
According to Trey, he didn't do it.
He was crushed; he is not a get-sent-to-the-principal kind of kid.
He told me his rendition of what happened, then I called the mom of the little fellow he hangs out with on the bus and told her to question him. He corroborated Trey's story.
So, since I have to be at Trey's school in the morning to drop off his bass,
I'll meet up with the bus driver and we'll have a little chat.
Good times.
I wonder how old I'll have to get before the thought of this kind of thing doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach.

My brother and SIL are 9 days from having their new little baby, and I will have my seventh niece or nephew! I suspect a girl but we will see. They didn't do a poll this time but I am guessing FOR THE RECORD, MICHELLE! a girl (on the 20th) that is 9 pounds, 3 ounces and 20.5 inches long.
Little brother Nathaniel will be turning two only a couple of weeks later.
I expect they will be very busy in the months to come but they will absolutely die with joy watching a relationship develop between those two. I will forever remember Chris's adoring eyes watching every move his sister made. The sun rose and fell on her, according to him. It was lovely to watch.
(until it changed and they all started to bicker.. oops, did I say that?!)

Time for another menu plan.

We've had a few freakishly warm October days here,
which is both good and bad.
Good, because we still don't have a gas line run to the house yet so we don't have a major heat source to the house.
Bad because I have been jonesing to make some great stews and chowders but it just doesn't feel cool enough yet.
However, it looks to cool down by about 20 degrees by Wednesday so I'll plan some Fall comfort food meals for later in the week.
I also have my sweet Dad's visit to look forward to later in the week as well!

Monday (we had): chicken enchiladas and chicken and cheese quesadillas, broccoli, raspberries.
Tuesday: turkey/beef meat loaf, garlic potatoes, peas.
Wednesday: Vegetarian baked ziti.
Thursday: Sunday Night Beef Stew with biscuits.
Friday: Parmesan Tilapia, salad, rice, corn.
Saturday: Teriyaki chicken, rice, veg.
Sunday: Leftovers or take out.

Special healing prayers to Annie and Gina. xoxo


Nic said...

Caitey is also taking the PSAT this week. Saturday. She said she opened the prep book and didnt immediately understand something and closed it again. Well that was that. I am not too worried about it since she will take the PSAT again next fall then the SAT in the spring. SO this is a practice-practice test. Whew! Time is flying right along.

jen@odbt said...

Good luck to Kate. I remember being so nervous about all those tests. I hope the issue with Trey works out stomach turns too in these types of situations. Have a good week!