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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer's Flying By

Another week of summer has flown by.

This past week I had only Trey and it was really nice.
I was able to spend the one on one time I wanted to
and gave him lots of "warm fuzzies."
His love languages definitely tend toward attention and physical affection
so he was loving it!

Kate and Chris enjoyed their time at camp, especially Chris,
who went for the first time.
He is signed up for two weeks next summer, Trey for one week (it will be HIS first time)
and Kate is on hold until we see what she might be doing next summer.

Trying to use up what's in the house for meals this week:

Monday: Crock pot roasted chicken with carrots and zucchini
Tuesday: Quiche (using up some eggs) and blueberry muffins (using up blueberries)
Wednesday: Manwiches, corn and green beans
Thursday: Salmon
Friday: Leftovers

For more great menu ideas, visit Laura over at Yum!

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Heather said...

Please let me know when you figure out how to slow that train! Love reading all of your posts Leeann.