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Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Weeks of Meals

I have successfully winnowed down our freezer's contents
to about half over the last two weeks.
Soon our supply of grocery-store bought meats will be gone
and I will begin buying only local, organic, sustainable meats and eggs.

My menu plan for the next two weeks is (in no particular order):

Parmesan tilapia filets, rice, sliced cucumbers with dip
Crockpot orange chicken tenderloin, brown rice, broccoli
Crockpot pot roast with carrots and root vegetables
Whole wheat pasta with "Mommy sauce" and crusty bread
Homemade tomato soup with macaroni noodles
Artichoke pasta
Artichoke chicken breasts
Oven pancakes with fresh fruit
Homemade Mac, cheese and peas
Pasta carbonara
Tortellini alfredo
Grilled cheese
Rib eye steaks
Loaded baked potatoes

For other great menu ideas, see Laura's site at!

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Ginaagain said...

Good for you! We don't have a reliable source for local, organic meat through the winter but the Farmer's Market just reopened and I can start buying good meat again. I have completely lost my desire to cook. I think it's largely because the ingredients are just so mediocre that it feels like a waste of time. Hopefully I can recapture the excitement of last summer. I am so anxious for June and my weekly fresh vegetable delivery.