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Monday, April 12, 2010

First Days of Spring Break and MPM

This was, by far, the fastest spring break we have ever had.

Kate was not with us, since she is on her first-ever mission trip
to Guatemala with her school.
This was a huge step for all of us but we received daily emails from her group leader
and we were reassured that all is going very well for the kids.
We pick her up at the airport in the wee morning hours (read: 12:30 AM) Tuesday.
I can't wait to see her, hear about her trip and look at the photos she took
with the digital camera she received for Easter.

The boys and I had a number of adventures.
I'll share the first of them today.

The Three Little Bears cottage and Humpty Dumpty.

On Tuesday, we went to a local farm and enjoyed beautiful weather.
Seeing and petting goats, rabbits, horses and other farm animals.

We were thrilled to watch a mama sheep
with her two-hour old baby lambs.
They were learning to use their little legs!

It was so cute.
The other lambs were equally sweet

especially when they would bleat "Maaaaah!"

I was especially fond of a chicken who sported a permanent bad hair day.

I don't look too different when I wake up in the mornings!

The farm has added pieces from a now-defunct amusement park
that depicted fairy tales.

They are so much fun for the kids.

I also found out that the farm plans to offer grass-fed meats
later on in the year so I was pretty excited to find another local food source.

Speaking of foods,
this is our menu plan for the week:

Monday: Homemade whole wheat pancakes and scrambled eggs
Tuesday: Roasted chicken (from Polyface Farm!) with carrots and fingerling potatoes
Wednesday: Chicken cheese casserole with fresh green beans and fruit
Thursday: Cheese tortellini ala panna tossed with baby peas and grated parmesan
Friday: Lemon butter tilapia filets, broccoli and rice.

More from our spring break adventures later in the week.


jen@odbt said...

I think I remember this park when I was little. I wonder if it's the same one. Big move for Kate - can't wait to hear about her trip.

Natalie said...

I totally relate to that chicken. . .