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Monday, March 15, 2010

When 74 looks like 40

It goes without saying that this world looks better for its diversity.

How boring would it be to look around
and see every person with the same hair and eye color?

For flowers to all have the same size and shape?

It is in the wide scope of heights and colors and shapes
that we notice what is beautiful to each of us.
It just makes life more interesting.

Likewise, a person's face can tell the story of their life's journey.

The laughter lines show the joy and laughter that illuminated someone's life.
A crease between the eyebrows and lines in the forehead
indicate the worry and challenges met and conquered.
My very favorite lines to see are the crow's feet at the side of someone's eyes.
I see those folks and I smile reflexively - joy begets joy
and an open and loving heart is a the universal sign of welcome.

photo courtesy of pedrosimoes7 on
I was flipping through the People magazine this week
and there was a picture of Burt Reynolds in the Passages section.
He apparently just had a quintuple bypass surgery and,
according to his spokesman,
Burt "feels great- he has a great motor with brand new pipes."

The accompanying inset photo shows that Burt has other new things too-
like a new face.
His eyes are open wide,
his forehead is wrinkle free
and his face is oddly devoid of any signs of a life lived.

photo courtesy of

The 74 year old Burt looks like a plastic replica of a 40ish year old man.
A walking Ken doll.

I hope that I am able to keep my perspective as I age.
I hope that I can look in the mirror and see the lines that reflect
the joy and laughter my children have brought me,
the creases of worry and self doubt that are offset by the wisdom in my eyes
and the crow's feet of my life as an optimist.


jen@odbt said...

Joy begets joy. So true.

He is just scary now...almost unrecognizable.

Ginaagain said...

Leeann, I am sorry I missed this when you first published it but so glad to read it today. You are a very wise woman and I know you will continue to be beautiful as you age. Thank you for a thought provoking article.