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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boys and Their Toys

While my boys spend a great deal of their time together,
they also have their own specific interests.

Chris loves sports.
He races out each morning to get the sports page,
which he reads at breakfast and then peruses again
while he is eating his snack after school.
I have learned to not recycle the sports section
until dinner time!

Chris is also quite musical.

He has a beautiful singing voice with excellent pitch
and enjoys playing his sax.

Trey is a computer and video game kid
who also enjoys reading the Wimpy Kid series
and reading comic books.

Since his Dad collected comic books
and then went on to sell his collection to buy my engagement ring
I encourage that wholeheartedly!

1 comment:

jen@odbt said...

Great capture of a moment in time for your boys. My oldest is into the Wimpy Kid books and comics. He's taken to drawing his own and wants to submit one to the paper.