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Friday, December 4, 2009

A Musical House

There has always been music in this house.

Almost like the video "Evolution of Dance"
you can trace the life of my kids by the notes you hear
reverberated among the pounding feet, bickering and laughter.

When there was only the pitter patter of one little child's feet,
there were Barney songs, nursery rhymes and Wee Sing videos.

Then, the sounds changed to the Wiggles, Miley Cyrus
and significantly more noise.

Even more recently, the sounds have branched out
to include the Beatles, Garth Brooks and others.

Today, simultaneously, I hear three children playing chase,
running up and down the wooden staircase,
one child blasting Taylor Swift,
one child playing the soundtrack to Spectacular
and one child INCESSANTLY whistling something tuneless.

At times, this cacophony can drive me batty
but it's a full and vibrant life nonetheless.

I know one day I will really miss it!

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