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Monday, November 23, 2009


Today, let me add Parent-Teacher conferences
to the list of things I have to apologize to my folks about.

My mom in particular.

She was the one who would go to the conferences,
and come out looking stricken and pale.
No doubt, it must have been EXTREMELY tiresome
to go to conference after conference, year after year,
to hear that "Leeann is not working up to her potential."

And report card days.. Oh LORD! What an ordeal!
I would be a nervous wreck when report card day would come around.
I'd be the kid trying to hide it,
pretending I'd lost it..
ANYTHING to avoid pulling the incriminating card out,
especially when it was being looked at next to my brother's
shiny perfect report card!

Thankfully, I woke up as I hit ninth grade,
found my stride and never looked back.

I am also exceedingly thankful and grateful
that my kids got great reports from their teachers today.
Trey has made HUGE strides in his reading this quarter-
like, UNBELIEVABLY huge strides!

And for Kate, I was really touched and pleased
to hear her described as "smart, very responsible,
mature" and "a treasure."

I am grateful for the teachers that they have,
that recognize their good qualities and bring out the best in them.

Way to go, Kate and Trey!
(and thanks, Mom!)

(Chris's conferences are on Wednesday)


Suzette said...

well, duh Kate's smart, mature, very responsible and a treasure. what, you were the last to know??

jen@odbt said...

What proud moments for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetheart!! Just glad you hit your stride and never looked back. THAT is what's important...I always knew you had it in you, YOU just had to realize that for yourself.
I'm so happy for Kate and Trey, and proud of them too...Yea.. Want to hear about Chris too.
Love you all,