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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have you used your SKOY today? -- GIVEAWAY!!!

I am about to introduce you to something
that I would be willing to bet you have never heard of.

Just like a TIVO,
this is something that you have no idea about
and then after you use it,
you wonder how in the heck you ever lived without it.

Yes, it will make your life simpler.
Yes, it will make your life easier.
And... BONUS!
Yes, it is good for the environment!

Are you curious yet?

It's called a SKOY cloth!

photo courtesy of

"So, what is a SKOY cloth, anyway?" you are probably wondering.

A SKOY cloth is a super-absorbent, biodegradable cloth
made in Europe from cotton and wood based cellulose.
It reminds me of a sponge but flat and square, in a generous size.
The SKOY is the perfect size for wiping up spills and drips
(from those DAMN COSTCO MILK JUGS for one thing! ARGH!!)
for wiping down counters in the kitchen,
the stovetop and the microwave,
for washing dishes too.
You can also use it in other rooms of the house as well.
I have lightly dampened mine and used it for dusting with ease.

After you use it, rinse it and wring it out
then just leave it out to dry.

"What about BACTERIA?"
SKOY cloth is easy to keep clean.
You can toss it in the dishwasher or the washer/dryer.
For me, I wet them and toss them in the microwave for a minute.
They come out clean and scent-free.

The SKOY can also save you a LOT of money.
Did you know that using a SKOY cloth can save the average household
15 rolls of paper towels?
That is just for ONE SKOY CLOTH!

The thing that really gets me about these is the absorbency.
The best thing I can think of to compare it to
would be a chamois cloth.
It has just made spills or water splashed on the counters while doing dishes
a total non-event.
And I don't feel annoyed about wasting paper towels either
(unlike my paper-towel whore husband! lol)

Just so you know, I am not being paid by SKOY cloth to write this.
I found them on the Internet when I was doing some research,
was interested yet skeptical of the product,
and I emailed them to ask for a free trial..
which I would then blog about.

I warned them that I ALWAYS review products honestly

They believe in their product enough that they sent me a package of four.

That was about two months ago
and I am still using the first two original SKOY cloth that I started out with.
In fact, you can see how the green one is getting thinner as it breaks down,
compared to this orange one that hasn't been used yet:
I reach for them multiple times every day
and I will be buying more.
Especially the cute little Holiday SKOY! :::squee!:::

photo courtesy of
SKOY cloth does not fully replace the paper towel.
You can't microwave slices of bacon on it, for example.
But I have found that it has absolutely cut down on paper good usage in my house
and my counters have never been cleaner or shinier.

So, now that I have carried on about how great this product is
(and it really, truly IS!),
I couldn't be happy if you didn't get to try it too.

SO, I contacted the good folks at SKOY Cloth again
and asked them if they would let me have a contest
and give away their product.

They agreed and have offered A FOUR PACK OF SKOY CLOTHS
They come in a neat little stack tied with a raffia ribbon.
Very cute!
I am really excited for you all to try these!

photo courtesy of

So, to enter, leave a comment at my blog
with your email address and two ways
that you think you will use the SKOY cloth most often.

If you post a link to this contest on your blog
or on your Facebook and you let me know,
then you can be entered again.
Otherwise, one entry per person.

You may enter until Saturday at 10 PM EST
and I will have a random drawing
and announce the winners on Sunday.


Good luck!


Natalie said...

I love the name! It reminds me of a Skor bar, which incidentally, I can no longer find in the grocery store. But I digress.

I would use them for cleaning up spills (which happen a lot) and cleaning my eternally dirty black stove!!!!

Ginaagain said...

I want them! They look seriously cool! I would use them in the kitchen.. because looking at pictures of your spotlessly clean kitchen gives me hope that a SKOY cloth will do that to my kitchen too! Yeah.. I know.. I actually have to do the cleaning but maybe the cloths will make it more fun?

I'm totally selfish and don't want anyone else to enter but I'll be good and post links on my blog and facebook. :-)

Betsy Hall said...

Hmmmm.....I think I'd use them to clean up the water from when the kids come in from the pool or in from the rain. It's amazing how much water the little stinkers can track in and I've used 1/2 a roll of paper towels just mopping it all up! I'd just hand them one of these cloths and tell 'em to go at it. Oh...and the dirty kitchen too, but at least my dirty kitchen doesn't make me skid across the floor like an out-of-control windmill. ;)

Pamela Fierro said...

I would love to try these. I go through a ton of paper towels wiping down my counters. I hate using a sponge - it just never feels clean to me after the first use. So #1: cleaning kitchen counters. #2 I would probably keep one in the bathroom. My powder room bathroom sink tends to collect a lot of water because the faucet splashes and this would make it easy to wipe down. Thanks for the giveaway!

jen@odbt said...

Very cool. I'm a paper towel freak so anything to cut back on usage would be great. I'd use them for cleaning up the kitchen counters and probably dusting too. Maybe I'd dust more with a cute skoy :)

dkuroiwa said... I could totally use those!! as paper towels here suck (and NOT in a good way!!), I'd use them instead of what they offer here....and since I don't have a microwave, we don't have to worry about that whole bacon issue! I'm thinking too....they look small enough that the boys (especially that spilled-milk prone youngest one) would feel very comfy using it himself to clean up his messes!!! extra bonus...IF i win...they look small enough you could just put in an envelope and send as a regular high international shipping costs!! Score!!

Nic said...

Hey, they look really cool and I love the fact that they are not huge like a chamois. I think I would probably most often use it to just wipe the counters down. I feel like I wipe the counters down a million times a day and while I don't wasted paper towels on that, I do use a lot of tea towels and end up with a pile of them to wash every other day. So I think probably keeping the kitchen and even the bathroom counters clean is what I would use it for.

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous and I love the colors the come in. The Christmas collection is very cute too...
I think my kitchen counters would be sparkling instead of sort of clean. I wonder how they would hold up with a new puppy and her "calling cards"? Tell them that if I win, I'll try out the product on Hope, my new puppy, and let them know how effective they are. I am going through a huge amount of paper towels... That should be an incentive!

Anonymous said...

Do they do windows? 'cause my car windows are begging to be cleaned. also, I would use them to wipe down cookie sheets between batches, as the Christmas cookie season begins soon!


Melissa said...

Two ways I would use the SKOY cloths...
1. Wiping down the kitchen counters. This is something that needs to be done (a lot) and I always tend to use paper towels
2. Quick touch-ups in the bathroom. I like my bathrooms to be "guest ready."

(you have my email)

Splaneyo said...

I know I missed the deadline, but that seems to be my MO lately. I don't know a thing about these Skoy cloths (I think I now love them though), but I do know about the Costco milk containers. Why? Why hasn't someone redesigned those things? You think you are getting a good deal on milk, but when you figure in the spillage I think it may be more expensive. We HATE those things! Hope you are doing well.