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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

I just realized that I never posted
our Halloween costumes from 2009!

Rob and I took "Best Death Scene"
at our Cool Friends' party.
We totally were up for Scariest Costume
but since we had already received our trophy,
we were out of the running.

Between you and me though, we totally had it.
Totally. :-)

Chris went as a cat burglar.
Don't worry, he liked his costume.
He was just in character.
Who is happy about being Jail-bait?!

Trey was an Ice Ninja.
This is different from a regular Ninja,
but don't ask me how.
Either way, he liked it..
and he was one of four other Ice Ninjas at the party!

Kate was Diana, who is a Roman Goddess,
as opposed to last year when she was Artemis,
the Greek Goddess.
Are you catching the theme here?
Either way, I thought she looked just beautiful.

Here is Kate and her proud Daddy.

This also gives you a bit of foreshadowing.
Can you guess what we went as?
Remember, it is scary!






Did you guess?
We went as Ragen and the Priest from the Exorcist!
Oh yeah, that is totally pureed peas and fake blood on me..UGH!
I bought the robe from a thrift store for four bucks.. bargain costume!

Here we are making a vain attempt to look pleasant! ;-)
And here are all my kidlets!


Michelle said...

Leeann - your family is so fun!!! Looks like you had a great time.

Ginaagain said...

Oh my! You guys are fantastic! All of the costumes are great but you and Rob definitely take the prize (obviously!) Oh.. and as for Kate.. I think it's awesome to see a fifteen year old who is comfortable with her goddessness.

jen@odbt said...

Love your costumes! I can't believe you actually used pureed peas - way to go all the way!