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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thwap, thwap, thwap

It's rainy here today.

Actually, correction.
It is NOT rainy.
It is drizzly.

And this leads me to my wondering of the day:
Do you pay attention to your windshield wipers, or not?

I am always boggled by people who run their wipers
at a constant interval,
when it is hardly even drizzling outside.

Do they not *SEE* their wipers,
wiping away at triple time, right in front of their faces?
Are they lulled by the "thwap, thwap, thwap?"
Are they zoned out, miles away in thought and completely oblivous?

I wonder this at night, also, when I see drivers with their lights not on.
Don't they realize they can't see the freaking speedometer?
Wouldn't that be a clue?

So, what kind of driver are you?
I find that I get kind of obsessive about my wipers, for example.
It seems to me that running them more than necessary would wear them out sooner,
thus needing a replacement sooner.
So, I tend to run them at the lowest possible speed to be able to see safely
and on drizzly days I usually just wipe them using the "mist" feature.

How about you?


Pamela Fierro said...

My wipers and my lights are automatic, so I honestly don't think about them at all. They come on when it is dark/wet, they go off when it is not. Occasionally I have to adjust the interval on the wipers when it is raining really hard, but other than that I have never given it much thought!

Swistle said...

The lights, YES, I always wonder about that!! I've a couple of times pulled out of a parking lot with my lights not on, and I always realize it when I glance at the dash and AAAAA IT'S GONNNNNE!!....oh.

My mom leaves the wipers on even after it has STOPPED RAINING and the wipers are making a horrible squawking noise against the window. I can't believe she doesn't notice it. I've found she ALSO doesn't notice if I reach over and turn them off.

Cindi said...

Hmmmmm...windshield wipers. Well, I like to have them swish back and forth as little as possible. If the window is too dry, they tend to make an ugly sound and I don't like that. However, if I can't see, then I sometimes have to "force" the wiper to go across. I love intermittent wipers once I find the right speed. Fortunately my lights come on as soon as I start the car, so I don't have to worry about that.