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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Learning to Be the Calm in the Storm and Menu Plan Monday

We've been having the most wonderful Fall days.
Temps during the day in the upper sixties to mid seventies
and nights falling to the low fifties to forties,
which is great sleeping weather.

Falling and changing leaves on our street.

I love the seasons where we live!

photo courtesy of

Parenting is such a roller coaster ride
and some days I just feel it.
It wasn't a bad day; in fact, all things considered,
it was quite a good day.
But one of the things I am trying to learn to be
as a parent is more steady and stable
and Lord, how I sometimes struggle with this!

Trying to be calm in the face of adolescent angst
and the normal turmoils of teenagerhood and hormones.

Trying not to keep probing and asking questions
when my sense is that my youngest child just needs a hug and a shoulder-
not a lecturer like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

Trying to push them to be their best but at the same time
allowing them room to NOT be perfect and permission
to risk and to fail.
Sometimes we all need a little hidey hole (our backyard.)

This week coming up will be a test of endurance,
patience and empathy.
Kate has a VERY full week with a Pizza Hut volleyball fundraiser on Monday
from 3-8,
an away game Tuesday til 7:30PM,
practice Wednesday,
a home game Thursday,
an away game until after 8PM on Friday
and then an all-day JV tournament from 6:45AM until 8PM.

I will need to really work hard to be calm and patient
in what is sure to be a week of exhaustion and frayed nerves
for her.
Luckily the boys' sports fall on the weekends this season.

Trey and Bridget, just trying to hold on!

My question to you is:

What advice do you have on how to be the calm for your family
when things are busy and nerves are frayed?
What tricks help you keep your cool?

Write in and share!

To survive the week,
a menu plan!

Sunday - homemade sauce and whole wheat rotini
Monday- Pizza Hut fundraiser
Tuesday- chicken divan, applesauce
Wednesday- Whole wheat penne with leftover sauce
Thursday- Breakfast dinner: scrambled eggs and waffles
Friday- Marinated salmon for Rob and I, whole grain tilapia for the boys, brown rice, mixed vegetables, rolls
Saturday- Dinner at a party!

For more great menu ideas
(probably much better than mine!)


Suzette said...

Ah, Leeann, nice metaphor, a roller coaster. Adolescence is a roller coaster. The beauty of it is that YOU dont have to ride it. Sure, you can remember riding it once, but don't get on with them. You can prepare them for it (dont' eat first...oh, I told you not to eat first) Or you can empathize when things dont go so well . Maybe remind them that they never really liked spinn-y rides and not to go on them (maybe they'll listen to your advice.or maybe not. but they'll probably remember it, and follow it the next time).

Be glad you dont have to play all those vball games, she does! They have the energy, you know. (remember, too, that all the other vball kids are on the same schedule) She should have some time to do her homework after school before the games, right? Usually they do have some time. If I saw Kate this week, I would tell her (honestly) You can do it, Kate. I have total confidence in you.

I'm going to Chicago this week, otherwise i would say call me!!!

Nic said...

Have a glass of wine after you send them off to bed. Works for me!