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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Sweet, A Silly and a Menu Plan

Yesterday in the car:

Chris, Kate and I were in the car yesterday,
when Kate asked me,
"Mom, what do you do when you need to calm down?"

"Well," I answered, "I read, I get on the computer, I listen to music..."

"What about you, Chris?" Kate asked.

Chris answered her with a similar list, except it included video games.

"I read, take a bath, go on a walk..." said Kate.

"When I'm upset, sometimes I talk to Otto," Chris commented.

Kate concurred that she also talked to an animal or doll that she has in her room and there was a pause. Then this sweet comment came out of my daughter's mouth:

"Chris, you know that anytime you are upset, you can come and talk to me, right? You can talk to me about anything, any time.

I quietly drove along, thinking that I am so happy to have a nearly 14 year old daughter who cares about her brother and wants to take care of him. And I think Chris realizes it too, as he said 

"I know, Kate.  Thanks."

The silly:

Last night I came up to my room and Kate was lounging around on my bed with her laptop, typing furiously. 

"What're you doing?" I asked.

"I'm chatting with Mimi on Stardolls," she replied.

Mimi is my mother and a great person to prank. So I sat beside Kate and after a few moments, motioned to her to pass me her laptop without letting my mom know I was there.

Going to the chat box, I typed in YOU ARE A BUTTHOLE.

(Okay, now, I know most of you are freaking out. It was a JOKE. Of course I do not call my mother a butthole!  Usually, anyway. Just this once.)

Kate's eyes flew wide and we start dying laughing, imagining what poor Mimi must be thinking down there in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, the computer screen is still and silent.  After a full minute or two, a message pops up...

Mimi: "Did you just call me a Butthole?"

Bwaaaaahaha!! Kate and I were DYING with laughter. 
I grabbed the computer back and typed in:

"A HAIRY one."

At this point, Kate LUNGED for the computer and typed in
"That was mom! That was MOM, not ME!"

A pause, then (to me)
came the response from Atlanta:

"YOU have the hairy one!"

ROFL! Touche' mom! 
Thanks for having such a fun, silly sense of humor with me!


Monday: Chicken parmigiana, angel hair pasta, fruit
Tuesday: Whole grain tilapia, garlic potatoes, vegetable.
Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas, saffron rice, fruit
Thursday: Ree's lasagna, garlic bread.
Friday: Chicken Noodle Casserole, peas, fruit
Saturday: Leftovers

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Jen said...

LOL hard about the chat with your mom. She got you :)

What a sweet exchange between your kids. I hope mine get to that point too.

Kate said...

OMMG itis even funnier now

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're sweet story is sweet and your silly story is definitely funny!

Natalie said...

Ack! The link to the chicken noodle casserole doesn't work. CRISIS!!!!