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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday with recipes!

Hi all!

Welcome to another Monday and another Menu Plan! 
I have another new post after this one, so please keep reading
about how I wanted to smack a kid at the Play Place this weekend...
truthfully, I guess it was his FATHER that needed smacking.

After all, the old adage is true:
Children learn what they live!

OH! And prior to posting this week's menu,
let me give a SHOUT OUT to my friend Nic Rogers.
I made her artichoke chicken recipe last week
and it was yummy! 
Kate went back for seconds and thirds!
Thanks, Nic!

All right, here is our menu for the week.
For more great recipes, 

Sunday: Beef vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Monday: Baked Chicken Teriyaki, rice, broccoli, pineapple
Tuesday: pasta with homemade sauce, garlic bread
Wednesday: breaded steak, garlic potatoes, mixed veggies
Thursday: breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls
Friday: Broiled tilapia parmesan, mashed potatoes, fruit

That's all, folks! 
Make it a GREAT week!


Anonymous said...

What is it with inmates running the asylum? I see this stuff all the time and I want to ask them how much they will enjoy being controlled by their children when they are teenagers.

Leeann said...


It is, indeed, the famous family recipe but I have never pounded the meat. I make them thicker, much like country fried steak in Texas. When they are super thin, I feel like all you are eating is breading. Mike would hate them at my house!


Natalie said...

No way! I made the tilapia a few weeks ago! A few of the commenters said to substitute plain yogurt for the mayo and I did that. Thought it was delish!

Nic said...

He Leeann, glad you guys liked the artichoke chicken. I need to remember to make the chicken teriyaki. I always forget about that dish and we all love it.

By the way, I tried for 3 days to leave this comment. I have no idea why I couldn't get to this point monday and tuesday but here you are. It seems to be working today. :)