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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sitting on my bed,
I pause, my fingers resting lightly over the keys
and listen.

"You can run but you can't hide from me!"

Whatever battle is being waged between good and evil
in Trey's bedroom, it is a full-scale war.

"I'm going to get you..
you are such a.. a.. a HIENIE!!"

Smothering my laughter,
I grabbed my camera and went for a few pictures
of this boy who makes my heart sing.

Want a smile today? Use the word Hienie just once. :-)


Jen said...

Kids and their imaginations. I wish I could harness just 10% of it for myself. Heinie is just a strange and funny word :) Thanks for the laugh this morning.

CarolinaMomOf5 said...

So what was he doing? Was that a Pokemon battle or Bakugan or what? LOL I love it when I hear my kids playing and they don't know I can hear them. What I wouldn't give to have a recording of all the play sessions I have overheard! One of my favorites was when Alec was about 4 years old and he was heavily into Star Wars. It was near Christmas and he was getting ready for bed and I was heading into the bathroom to help him brush his teeth. I caught him weilding an imaginary light saber, then preening and flexing his tiny little muscles in the mirror, and saying, "I'm a Jedi! I'm a Jedi in my reindeer pajamas!" I nearly peed my pants!

Bonnie said...

ha ha ha !!! I'm smiling just reading the word hienie !! Don't know what would happen if I actually said it outloud !!! :)

Lanny said...

Some days I think kids could run the countries better than our leaders (nothing about any one leader---just adult leaders in general). And really, who could keep fighting after hearing hienie?