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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Day and Menu Plan Monday

Today was one of those "Gifts from God" days.
Even though it is February
(early February no less!)
and our normal high should be in the low forties,
our Sunday to day was sunny and a BALMY 60 degrees!

It was unbelievable!

People literally walked around grinning like they had won the Lotto.
There was a spring in their step
and folks calling out a cheery hello- and this is not the South!
Cyclists were everywhere
and car windows were rolled down.

Just lovely.

I realize it has been quite some time since I have done Menu Plan Monday.
There isn't even a reason, really.
I've still been planning and using a menu at home. 
Anyway, I am back!

Chris will be having some different meals because it is Hell Week for him.
He will be performing in Beauty and the Beast on Friday and Sat. nights,
playing the part of Gaston.
He has practice every night from around 5-ish to 8-ish.
The rest of us will eat closer to 6:30 PM.

Monday: (Chris- leftover meatloaf)
Artichoke pasta, Italian garlic parmesan bread

Tuesday: (Chris- scrambled eggs and toast)
Trin's Chicken Casserole, French green beans

Wednesday: (Chris- grilled cheese and ham)
Chili/Frito pie, fruit

Thursday: (Chris- ?)
Fast Ham and Noodles, peas

Friday: (Chris- ?)
Chicken Piccata, rice pilaf,  edamame beans

Saturday: Chili/frito pie

Sunday: Apple Puff Pancake and muffins

Want more great menu ideas? Join Laura over at for many more!


Anonymous said...

We had a couple "Gift from God" days last week where the temps were almost in the 80s. Now we're back down to the normal 40s and wishing for an early spring...

Ginaagain said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Chris is an awfully lucky kid. My poor kids get a granola bar to hold them over and a plate of whatever we ate for dinner stuck in the microwave when they get home from late practices.

Jen said...

Wasn't it just the best weekend? The kids were out both days and everyone was happy. C'mon spring!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the beautiful day. It's supposed to be around 60 here tomorrow and I can't wait to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house for a bit!

Jody said...

I need to start planning my meals for the week. I imagine it saves on the grocery bill as well as making shopping easier.