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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We be gettin' fit!

After months of waiting,
the stars aligned..
Wii Fit was on sale at Target for 89$,
I had the money,
and after three days of calling 
(out of stock, out of stock, STILL out of stock!)
Lo and behold the day came.
They had three Wii Fits in stock
and yes, they could hold one for me!

You can imagine what we have been doing for the last 24 hours! 

I have laughed so hard playing this game
that I literally have been breathless
(and I think the point is to be breathless from exercise,
not from laughter!)

Even though I am not a big video game fan,
the Wii is just a brilliant invention!


Stimey said...

Congratulations! The Wii Fit is totally awesome.

Also? I love your carpet.

Cindi said...

I'm so totally out of the loop...I've never even played Wii! But I do know of a couple of people who have one and have Wii Fit, and they just love it! It looks like the kids are enjoying it too!

nicrogers said...

Wew love wii fit! I want to get some new games for it. I noticed they have a biggest loser game. I need that!

Jen said...

Love the yoga pose. I finally got back on ours again. Gotta love when the little thingamajig says..."Oh it's been 131 days since your last visit." LOL!