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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is It a Match?


Long ago, Rob and I found this neat "video game" thing,
where you could get a picture of each of you
and then, the computer would create a "composite"
to show what your prospective children might look like.

The first time we did it,
we had no children
and we picked a girl.

The second time we did it, 
I believe I might have been pregnant with Chris or so,
and we chose a boy.

The pictures look like this:

My kids, at around the ages shown in the composite,
(I guessed around ten for the girl and around five for the boy)
looked like this:


So, what do you think??


Melissa said...

I don't think either picture looks at all like either of your kids.

Your kids are much cuter, BTW.

Jen said...

I can see some similarities but totally agree with Melissa. Your kids are way cuter IRL.

Natalie said...

I don't see a lot of resemblance either, but the "real" ones are so much cuter anyway!

Lanny said...

I don't see it so much with the boys, but I DO see Kate.

I agree with the others though that your kids are much cuter! :)

Ginaagain said...

I'm adding my vote to the "your real kids are way cuter" box. There are definitely similarities though.