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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Posts in one day!

I am posting twice today so be sure and scroll down...

I am about to lose it.

Seriously, seriously lose it.

You see, we are having heavy winds on the East Coast today
and we lost power from 10:30- 2:00.
This was not a big deal over all,
with the exception of the partially cooked chicken in the crock-pot.  
We ended up eating it for a late dinner tonight 
and hopefully we won't all be puking our guts up tonight.

But, what is really yanking my chain and driving me nuts is
that for the last THREE HOURS,
our power is blipping off and back on approximately every eight minutes.

So picture this:
every eight minutes we are plunged into about ten seconds of complete darkness.
Then, the power comes back on,
the smoke alarms BEEP and reset
and the dog completely freaks out 
because the beeping sounds like her invisible fence collar 
and she is completely sure 
she is about to get the crap shocked out of her.

It is annoying as hell!!

I snapped and put Trey to bed early ten minutes ago 
because I just. cannot. take. this. anymore.

It's like some kind of freaky torture thing.
You are just waiting for it....waiting for it...
thinking maybe it won't happen again and then BAM!!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

1 comment:

Jen said...

We're having strong winds too but nothing like yours. That would be annoying about the power on/off - what a tease and your poor dog. Hope it stays on for the rest of the evening.