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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Budget Update and MPM


I hope you all had a great weekend.

Quick budget update:

Rob and I are seven months in to our 
"Total Money Makeover" using Dave Ramsey's materials.

At this point, we have 3,200.00 of debt remaining on our van.
After that, we will be debt free excluding our mortgage!
This is a very exciting home stretch for Baby Step 2 
and I have my eye on the finish line!
My optimistic goal is October 2008 but realistically, it may be November 2008.
Either way, debt free by Christmas! How cool is that??!

Tonight Rob and I started our Financial Peace University class.
This is a 13 week series of classes offered by a local church. 
Additionally, I am flying out on Thursday to go to Atlanta, GA.
I will enjoy a visit with my mom 
and we are going to go volunteer at one of Dave Ramsey's Live shows.
In return for volunteering before and after the show, plus intermission,
we get to attend the show and we get lunch and dinner plus a gift.
I chose Dave's financial and budgeting software. 

So, lots of things and lots of progress happening.
If you are interested in Dave Ramsey's programs,


Okay, for more great menu plans (besides mine. But really, do you need more? lol)

Monday: crockpot Vegetable beef stew and biscuits (carry over from last week)
Tuesday: Rob and Leeann out with his parents, kids chicken nuggets and tater tots
Wednesday: farfalle with homemade spaghetti sauce, fruit.
(from here on out, I am out of town but will have for Rob and the kids:)
Thursday: whole grain breaded tilapia, corn, fruit
Friday: chicken and cheese quesadillas (from roasted chicken Sunday night)
Saturday: angel hair with homemade sauce
Sunday: Rob and kids to grab dinner at the Ball Fields


Cindi said...

Leeann, I've heard about Dave Ramsey, but never really checked into him. We're in pretty good shape financially, but with another son starting college in a year, I would LOVE to be in better shape!

And then there's the 2009 Escalade I made my husband look at. I was NOT serious about it at all, but just thought I'd get a kick out of watching the steam come out of his was so funny!

Mandy said...

We LOVE Dave Ramsey, FPU will change you lives!

Ginaagain said...

You are doing such a great job of managing your money. I have completely given up. Not sure how the kids are going to college.. right now I'll settle for paying the bills on time.

plainkids said...

Just thought I would drop by your blog and say thank you for the tip - mine came in the mail today and I am super excited to have fresh smelling towels - I really just thought I was terrible at laundry! Thanks!