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Thursday, September 25, 2008


In our bed, this evening, while reading:

Me: ::::sneeze:::: "Ah Choo!"
Rob: silence

Me: ::::sneeze again:::: "Ah CHOO!"
Rob: silence

I look over sideways at him.
He's reading.

Me: "Bless me!"
Rob: "Huh?"

Me: "You have to bless me! It's a benefit of marriage!"
Rob: ............. "Oooo-kay.  Bless you."

Me, smiling beatifically: "Why, thank you!"

Who knew how exciting married life could be?  :-)

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melissa said...

Here's hoping you're not getting a cold. Everyone here seems to have had them since school started, even though the weather has really been beautiful. Dh has been sick for 2 weeks (turned into a sinus infection) and C's came complete with an ear infection! It's way too early for this stuff!