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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Pool Party and MPM

Tonight we host our last pool party of the 2008 Summer Season.

We enjoy all our parties and seeing all of our friends
but the season is coming to a close 
and with the busy beginnings of a new school year, 
it is time to cover the pool and welcome the Fall.

We've had a great summer, though.
We've hosted baseball groups and church groups,
friends groups and dinner groups,
family and people who are as close as family.

We've shared meals and drinks,
laughter and prayer,
birthday parties,
surprise dunkings, wasp stings
and LOTS of frothy drinks with whipped cream and umbrellas.

After our last party tonight, 
we will heave a sigh of contentment
and settle in to a new season.


Monday: Rob and Leeann to have a date night,
kids to have leftovers from pool party last night.

Tuesday:  teriyaki chicken, rice, broccoli

Wednesday: Back to school picnic

Thursday: vegetable beef stew and biscuits

Friday: chicken parmesan and pasta

Saturday: Grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, soup, fruit 


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Cindi said...

It sounds (andn looks) like everyone has a great time at your pool parties!