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Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Doesn't Have to be Painful!

So today I went on a mommy-daughter shopping trip with Kate.

We were going to supplement her back to school wardrobe
and the key word here was to be INEXPENSIVE.

Not possible?

Think again.

The best place to take a young lady looking for inexpensive,
comfortable back to school clothes is:
Steve and Barry's.

That store just ROCKS.

In case you aren't familiar with them,
imagine a huge store that has clothes ranging in size
from infants to men and womens,
with nothing in the store over the price of $8.98.

I'm serious.

They have clothing lines by Sarah Jessica Parker (called "Bitten")
and Venus Williams, among others.
They have accessories, hats, even shoes...
all $8.98 and less.

Kate got quite a few clothes there: three polo shirts, a zipped sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of yoga pants.
We added in two pair of leggings and a shirt from a store called Deb for 20$
and a shirt from Belks for 12$ and we were done.
Total expenditure: about ninety dollars.  

Not bad at all!


My SIL recommended Zappos for shoes for Chris. 
I did find him a pair at Stride Rite but they were quite expensive.
However, I did find shoes in size 6 at Steve and Barry's in several styles,
and they were
:::say it with me now!::::



Pamela Fierro said...

We love Steve & Barry's. Not only are things ridiculously reasonable, but the clothes are CUTE! And they hold up okay after washing and wearing. It drives me crazy when you pay $40 for a shirt at Hollister and it falls apart after wearing it one time.
But did you know that S&B have filed for bankruptcy? They are closing some locations. I think they were almost too good to be true

Cindi said...

My very clothes-conscious high school aged son became Steve & Barry's favorite customer when they opened in a nearby mall a year ago. And now that he uses most of his own money to buy his clothes, he realizes what a bargain the store really is!

nicrogers said...

I agree! I love Steve and Barry's. I got Mikey a bunch of cargo shorts there this summer and they were really great quality. Some of the shirts I got Caitey though were not as well made, but the price is right so worth the risk(both in quality and actually shopping in that part of town). lol

The Woman said...

we love steve and berry's lol my hubs advertises for them all the time lol wish they knew that so they could cut him a check lol its always where did you get that cool coat, oh steve and berry's you should go they have awesome prices blah blah blah lol