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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well, that was quick!

The good news:
the boys are registered for their fall sports.

Chris will be playing Fall Baseball 
under the guidance of the world's best
and most warm hearted coach ever.

Trey will be playing soccer in the U-7 league.
We'll see how he fares.

The bad news:
In the ten minutes it took me to register them both online,
I have blown our School Organizations budget envelope
out of the water.
Over 300 dollars, GONE!

Now, over the course of three months, 
it is money well spent.
But at this exact moment...


1 comment:

Ginaagain said...

Just be glad they don't want to play hockey. Last winter I spent $300 for registration and then had to go out and buy $500 worth of gear.