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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

On a good day,
I love the early-teen age.

They aren't really nasty yet
but they have an air of superiority when 
talking to their younger siblings.

Case in point:
Yesterday at breakfast, Kate and Chris got into quite a heated
discussion about the environment and recycling,
global warming etc.

In response to something Chris said,
Kate snapped back with an indignant tone only a teen 
could muster:

"If Antartica melts, we could lose a lot of *great* places....
we could lose NEW JERSEY!"

Okay, yeah.
We do not live in New Jersey.
Our contact with Jersey has been limited to passing through
on the way to Rhode Island 
or as a cheap over night when going into NYC.

I apparently didn't realize it was one of our most
precious National places. 

Or, how about this one...

Kate comes down this morning
as I am perusing the headlines
of the USA Today before starting breakfast.

As she passes, she glances at the paper
and sees the headline about Barack Obama
losing popularity among some groups.

"Yeah, he's been talking SMACK about all
his ALLIES and stuff,"
she says breezily over her shoulder
as she walks past.

I think that would have been a far better headline.

Then there's Chris,
my nine year old sunshine.
A few weeks ago
I heard him singing in his room.

This isn't unusual.
In our house, someone is usually breaking into a random
song in one room or another.

Not recognizing the tune,
I paused to listen.
I hear:

"I look handsome.
I look smart.
I am a walking work of art!"

Aghast and amused, I open the door
to see him happily dancing around his room.

"Chris, what are you singing?
Did you make that up?" I ask him?

Thankfully, no.
It is from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I was thinking we had a very overconfident little boy 
on our hands!


Lanny said...

Don't you just love what comes out the mouths of children!

I'd much rather read the headlines that Kate writes! :)

Can you imagine your son and my daughter together? It'd be nonstop laughter!

Swistle said...

Ha! I'm glad the "funny kid talk" continues past the young years!

Kate said...

HA Ha chris is great and that kate person is flawless