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Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Own Man

This was written last July.
Since then, Chris has come more into his own.
He speaks up and doesn't let the others push him around as much.
I am proud of him.
I also recognize that it was easier when he was more agreeable! lol

Of my three kids,
one could easily argue
that Chris has it the hardest.

The most obvious argument,
of course,
is that he is the middle child.
According to the books,
he is destined to be overlooked
and underphotographed
his entire life.

In our family,
the problem is more
that he is a child surrounded on either side
with siblings who have strong personalities.

His sister,
not unlike her mama growing up,
knows her own mind.
She is determined
and scrappy
and if she has something to say,
it will be heard.

God help us all,
it will be heard.

The youngest one
is mercurial.
He runs hot and cold,
our sweet and sour
baby of the family.

He makes his presence known.

Chris is the one who has
his natural temperament set to happy.
Friendly, forgiving,
and endlessly positive,
he has been our sunshine boy
since the start.

A natural peacemaker,
he gets along with everyone.

In this lies his greatest hurdle.

In an effort to please everyone,
he sometimes overlooks himself
and what is best for Chris.


Natalie said...

Oooo, love, love, love the new background!

And I love that blog roll thingy! Looks like I have a lot of blogs to add to my "visit" list. Too cool, girl!

Jody said...

awww. He sounds wonderful. And just like my middle son. He too overlooks caring for himself.

The Woman said...

aw too sweet