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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Even Though I Don't Love Chocolate....

Yes, that's right...I don't love chocolate.

For those of you who decided to stay
after such an admission,
let me tell you all about our trip
to Hershey Park!

This is the trip that almost wasn't...

Last weekend Rob and I decided to take the kids to Hershey, PA.
I arranged the hotel, dog care (thanks, Melissa!)
and bought "Preview Tickets."

What are Preview Tickets, you wonder?

Preview tickets allow you to go in to the park 2.5 hours
before the park closes.
Crowds are far less by then and you can go on a few rides
and get the lay of the land.
Then, when you return the following day, you get in free
using your ticket from the night before.

Is that fantastic or what?
Dutch Wonderland has the same offer.
We have long used it with our kids.
You can do some fun stuff, get a nice long break
and then go back and do the rest.
No cranky, hot, tired, crying kids.
Happy kids= Happy parents= Great holiday memories!

So, long story short, last weekend when we went to the park
2.5 hours before closing, it starts pouring rain ten minutes after we get there.
The rides are essentially all shut down.
We were bummed and went to Chocolate World instead,
with the intent to return the following day.

Next day: we get up and it is pouring rain.
The rain that was supposed to be Evening and Nighttime Rain.


So I called Hershey and verified that as long as we didn't actually
use the tickets,
we could save them and come back another day.

Which brings us to this past weekend:
Sunny, blue skies and the added bonus of it no longer being
"Early Season"-
which means that the Boardwalk and water areas are open,
the new "Farenheit" rollercoaster is up and running
and some shows are playing that weren't playing the weekend before.


So on Memorial Day, off we go, for just a day trip this time.

I'll post more on the trip tomorrow,
but I'll leave you with a teaser...

What happens when you combine this:


Stay tuned to find out!


Melissa said...

Okay, I'm trying to recover from the "I don't love chocolate" comment and think about the pictures. Did he barf?

Melissa (but not the dog-watching Melissa!)

Lanny said...

Oh how I wish I didn't love chocolate. My tummy and bum wish I didn't too!

And wasn't it you calling me a tease a few weeks ago? I believe you're doing it now! ;p

dkuroiwa said...

When I first saw that outlandish comment about your feelings about chocolate, I actually wondered how we could ever be friends...and then...I remembered the margaritta machine...which put you back into my good graces!!! :-D
And that roller coaster!! (do they call them that anymore?? over here they are called "jet coasters") I am one who gets totally queasy on merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels...but would sell my soul for a ride on a roller coaster like that!!! Love em!!! And will ride them again...and again...and again....
Can't wait to hear (see?) how it turned out!!!

Wendy said...

Yeah. I can't get past the chocolate confession either. Have fun anyway. I'm flabbergasted.

Sarah R said...

I have SO seen that EXACT same look on YOUR face in the past. LOL!!

Leeann said...

LOL Sarah! I *bet* you have, actually!