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Friday, February 1, 2008

Leeann Recommends - Headsprout

Every now and again,
when I feel really strongly about the quality
of a product or a service,
I will list it under the category of
Leeann Recommends.
I don't get paid for these,
they are just ringing endorsements
of things so wonderful that I want
to shout it from the rooftops.

Today, I have a great Leeann Recommends
for parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The product/service is called HEADSPROUT.

Headsprout is an Early Reading program for children.
It operates online, in distinct and measurable lessons.

My son, Trey, absolutely ADORES Headsprout.

He is six, in kindergarten this year, and can do some basic reading.
However, he didn't WANT to read, had no confidence in his
early reading skills and wasn't making the progress
that I knew he could be making.

I was talking to a fellow parent about this
and she told me that her son is doing something called Headsprout.

At my request, she sent me a link and I checked it out.
And I liked what I saw!

Here is some information from Headsprout's website:
To Ensure Reading Success
Headsprout's programs consist of interactive online lessons, printed stories and automated progress reports and cover the five critical components of early reading - phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The highly interactive, animated lessons keep kids engaged and excited about learning to read.

Headsprout's programs adjust to the individual needs of each child, giving added help when needed, providing practice, building fluency, and tracking progress while always assuring critical skills and concepts are learned. In addition, a colorful progress map helps children keep track of their own learning gains and inspires progression through the lessons.

To Access Proven Reading Instruction
Headsprout Early Reading was scientifically designed and repeatedly tested during development until every instructional component was proven to work, and then retested with a variety of learners in a variety of home and school settings.

Because of the program's proven effectiveness, Headsprout provides parents and even schools with a money-back guarantee. Headsprout is even used in Kaplan's SCORE! Educational Centers. They conducted an extensive review of reading programs for a number of years -- spending much more in time and resources evaluating programs than most school districts can afford. They chose Headsprout, saying:

"Headsprout is so good! The instructional design is flawless. Virtually every child in the country could benefit from the reading instruction in Headsprout."

Steve Johnson
Vice President of Education
SCORE! Educational Centers

If you made it through all that, go check out the site and see what you think.

For me, the proof is in this:

my formerly reluctant reader
hops off the bus
every afternoon
and the first thing he wants to do,

before snack, before play is Headsprout.

He stops and studies his map several times a day

with a look of great pride.

Last night, at bedtime,

he ASKED to read to me
and then read me three little stories..
stories he could NOT have read as easily
a week and a half ago.

And that is what Leeann Recommends!

(headsprout logo and info on the program taken from Headsprout's website at

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