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Friday, February 22, 2008

Lazy Days Rock

At my house,
we love us some lazy days.

In this culture of always being on the go,
always something that HAS to get done,
it is really nice to have a day of nothing enforced.

Today, the kids are home for an Ice Day.
Even better, it was pretty certain it was going to happen
so I took advantage of yesterday to do my errands.

At 6:30 AM, Rob woke me up.
I turned on my laptap, saw the email: SCHOOLS CLOSED,
promptly shut it, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I awoke at 9:30 AM.
I could hear happy kid sounds so all was well.
I laid there about a half hour and checked email.

A little after 10 AM, I came downstairs
and started on brunch.
I made scrambled eggs with cheese and thick cut bacon,
Kate made double blueberry muffins.

Since brunch, I have done two loads of laundry,
dusted and vacuumed the main floor
and played on the computer.
The kids have been purely entertaining themselves.
They each have a short list of things they need to do
"at some point today" but other than that, their time is their own.

Chris went to play at a neighbor's house,
Kate cleaned her room and is now watching TV
and Trey is playing some elaborate game in his room
involving dinosaurs and much growling and "person falling" sounds.

Yes, indeed, Lazy Days Rock.


nicrogers said...

You know, I think Brooks and Trey would get along just dandy! Brooks is the king of sound effects.

Soap said...


Sounds absolutely lovely...

Ginaagain said...

what a great day.. I'm jealous

dkuroiwa said...!! I used to just love "snow days" ice in Colorado, but a butt-load of that white stuff some days!!
My youngest brother would usually get the stuff out to make chocolate chip cookies...but, very vew got made as we would always eat most of the dough!!! Thanks for helping me remember the fun times....and remember as to why I am probably sporting this "zaftig" figure that I have today!!