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Sunday, February 3, 2008


In one of my two email loops,
we have recently been discussing the places
we have lived
and what we did and did not like about them.

One "loopie" in particular,
an Orange County resident,
got kind of fired up because she felt like
California was getting dissed 
(cost of living etc.)

I was thinking of that discussion today
as I was outside with my family 
in PURE ECSTASY over the weather.

Sunny, blue skies, 53 degrees...
in FEBRUARY!! In the mid Atlantic!

This is clearly outside of the norm
and I commented off handedly to Rob
"I could get used to living in a climate like this!"
as I was cleaning out my car outside 
wearing a tank top and sweats.

Shortly thereafter, I reconsidered.
Part of what made today so glorious,
so practically celebratory,
was its oddity.

If this were a typical weather day in February,
would I feel this awestruck, this grateful?

And that is the lesson of life:
it is because we have pain, sorrow, 
unhappiness and storms
that we appreciate and revel in those days
that are beautiful and clear -
and give thanks.


nicrogers said...

I absolutely agree Leeann! I was also really happy with the weather Saturday. It was sunny and kind of warm in Atlantic City. After the previous evenings rain and wind and actually our drive to AC was in icy rain. SO that nice weather Saturday was just a joy. But if I lived somewhere where that is norm, I definitely think I would not appreciate it. In fact, it would probably feel somewhat cold! lol

Melissa said...

I agree that having all kinds of weather makes me appreciate the gifts of a 50 degree day during the winter. But I would really like winter to be shorter! I will still be appreciative...I promise!