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Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday and a funny

Hello everyone!

Before I start off, a joke to make you smile. 
I got this from an email from my mom:

I know, I's silly but come on, didn't you smile? :-)

Moving on the Menu Plan Monday:

I was talking to my boys this morning
while they were eating breakfast 
and I said "You know what? I am tired of food.
I am tired of planning it and cooking it and eating it."

The boys' eyebrows rose so high as to nearly meet their hairline.
"Whaaat?" they sputtered?

They could not imagine this: 

that their mother might not 
love to cook,
live to cook!
and do laundry!
And clean!!
How could this be?

Apparently I totally rocked their little world
which cracks me up.

Raising enlightened boys we are not.

The fun part is that they then got very excited about
HELPING me plan a menu for the week.

So, this week, we have a combined meal plan
of their ideas and mine:


(new recipes for chicken and bread.)

Sausage and cheddar quiche, blueberry muffins (boys' choice)

Fast ham and noodles, peas, fruit.

Breakfast supper- scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, fruit (boys' choice)

Friday: Leftovers


nicrogers said...

Leeann, will you use 2 sticks of butter she calls for on that bread, it seems over the top too much. Let me know how you like the chicken.

Lanny said...

Will you let us know how the bread turns out? It sounded great, but oh-my-goodness the butter!!!

If you're a coffee drinker, save a little of the french bread and don't put anything but butter on it. Mmmm, my idea of Heaven is toasted buttered (though not that much!) French bread and coffee for breakfast. It will even make a Monday good! :)

Leeann said...

Hi Lanny and Nic,

Thanks for the comments!

I made a half loaf of the French bread. I did use a stick of butter on the half loaf. I thought it was fine but not incredible. Kate really liked it. Everyone else was just 'eh' about it.

For the chicken legs, I used Lawry's instead of the Hot Salt. I am an idiot and forgot to use the lemon juice in the recipe. That having been said, it was quite good. I'll have to try it again and actually follow the directions this time. lol

Which Pioneer Woman recipes have you really liked?


nicrogers said...

Leeann, the twice baked potatoes are to die for. We love them and have served them to friends and everyone always requests the recipe. The butternut squash recipe is very good too. If you like sweet squash. I am not crazy about it myself and it is pureed so it seems like baby food but I took it to my parents for Thanksgiving and they all loved it. The chicken casserole is also very good and I have made that for others and they loved it as well. Her corn is yummy too. I never knew to "milk" the corn. It really does make a difference. The bacon appetizers were just OK. My husband and guests loved them though so maybe it is just me. I just expected more. I think I will try them with brown sugar instead of cheese next time. How bout you Leeann?

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

LOL!! I just have to say I loved the picture and joke! That was too funny. Not cooking much over here these days, so I'm not even gonna look at the recipes, but had to tell you that was hysterical!

Lanny said...

I've made her olive bread. It was good but not great. I haven't made the MM sandwich yet, but I'd really like to try it. I'd have to cut down on the onions though. Going to check her blog to see which others I've made...

Leeann said...

I've made the lasagna (BIG thumbs up on this...Rob liked it and he is my pickiest eater and doesn't "do" lasagna), the Marlboro Man sandwiches (a medium thumbs the first time and a thumbs down the second time), the Everything cookies by Hyacinth (Huge thumbs up across the board), the Thyme bread (minus the Thyme- average good, not worth the butter calories and fat), the chicken spaghetti thing (medium thumbs) and the chicken legs (medium thumbs). There may have been more but I can't think of it right off the top of my head.