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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

About that Tooth Fairy

The kids and I were in the van tonight
headed for Chris's choral concert,
when Trey asks when Chris lost his first tooth.

I told him I thought Chris was somewhere between
five and six
(he ripped one of his front teeth out at three
but that doesn't count, really).

This led to a discussion about whether or not
the tooth fairy was real.
Trey was clearly thinking maybe she wasn't.

I stayed quiet to see what they would say.

Kate then tells Trey that in fact
she *saw* the tooth fairy once.

She described the tooth fairy as an older woman,
plump and kind.

"Do you swear?" Trey asked...
"No crosses swear?"

"Yes" said Kate.

At this point, I am a little concerned.
While I am all for the kids believing in the tooth fairy
and I appreciate her effort to keep him believing,
the "no crosses swear" is pretty sacred.
It made me nervous that she would so cavalierly
break a swear.

I asked her about it in a whisper and she said
"But I did see the tooth fairy once, Mom.
So I didn't break the swear.
I saw you!"

Only later did it hit me that I am the older,
plump fairy she was describing...

A few minutes later,
Trey's voice pipes up, in a dreamy tone, from the back seat.

"I wonder if she has big boobs....?"

God help us all.


Natalie said...

Oh my word! I'm signing twice in one day. Am I doing anything but surfing blogs???

I snorted with laughter about your toothfairy description. I can't even IMAGINE how my kids would describe me as the tooth fairy. Maybe: A chubby, frizzy haired maniac? I'm at a loss.

But, this reminds me of that Special K commercial that's running. The mom is bending over in front of the fireplace and happens to be wearing a red and white robe. The daughter comes down the stairs and says excitedly, "Santa!?" Oh the horror! Reminds me of post-Christmas last year when Declan asked me if I was having a baby. ACK! Get me Jenny Craig, STAT!

I'll stop posting now. . .

nicrogers said...

rofl! Gotta love kids Leeann!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

LOL!!! Have you asked Kate where she came up with her description of the tooth fairy? Put her on the spot, girl!

I love listening in on my kids' conversations. It's so neat to see what they say when they think you aren't listening and aren't trying to censor themselves.

Richard Lewis said...

With thoughts like those, Trey will:
1. Have a girlfriend at age 6.
2. Kiss a girl on the lips at age 7.
3. Be in a committed relationship by age 9.
4. Married by age 17.
5. Divorced at age 19.

I take no responsibility as his godfather!