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Monday, December 3, 2007

Lazy Streak

After completing my NaBloPoMo challenge
of posting every day in the month of November,
I was like a kid just finishing exam week.

No way was I going near those books again during vacation!

But I've come to miss my friendly little blog now
so.....I'm Baaaaaa-aaaack!


Kate finished her antibiotic today.
Hopefully it was strong enough
to kick the crap out of her staph infection.

No idea how she got it
or where,
but she had MRSA staph and it was

Scared us pretty bad, actually.
I was bleaching everything and everyone,
including the kids.


Hopefully we are all said and done with this.

The major countdown to Christmas is on.
I've got baby Michael three and a half days this week
so I won't get much done on the shopping front.
Plus, Rob is out of town from Wednesday through Friday
so that will backlog things too.

He did a great job getting up the interior
Christmas decorations this weekend, though,
which I really appreciate.
He is a magnificent man.

I should have something more important to say
but, well, I just don't!


Melissa said...

Hey, having a kid get over MRSA and having a great husband sound pretty important to me!
The daily ups and downs of life are fun to read, so don't worry about being too "exciting".

nicrogers said...

Wow, that is crazy Leeann! I hope she is over the infection. That is just so scary!

Lanny said...

Glad Kate's doing better! That's scary!

Your sister-in-law could pass as the twin of a girl I went to grad school with. I had to do a double take.

Thanks for the freecycle suggestion. I hadn't thought about that.